SUPERnatural! Shanghai

September 10-13, 2010
Shanghai Rockbund Museum | Shanghai, CN

curator :: Beatrice LEANZA
exhibition design :: LI Naihan
special soundtrack ::  86/33 Link | Leo de B. & Thomas S.

The exhibition was originally presented within the framework of China Design Market 2010 jointly organized by Rizzoli Beijing and BIDC (Beijing Industrial Design Centre) as an official event of Milano Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan Design Week). It introduced for the first time on an international stage the work of a young generation of 30 Chinese independent designers, artists and studios. (see SUPERnatural! Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano)

On the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of Rizzoli Beijing, SUPERnatural! will be featured anew as part of the celebration event hosted in the stunning architectural framework of Shanghai’s Rockbund Museum. With the aim of recreating a connection to their original context of provenience, the exhibition transforms one of the rooms in Rockbund’s YWCA Building into a compact museum of domestic urban scenarios. Showcased in three life-sized dioramas, these symbolic remakes juxtapose selected pieces by 13 artists and designers into a wondrous stage-set of private interiors onto a unique backdrop illustrated by artist CHEN Shaoxiong. By gazing through these windows visitors are taken into a filmic detour into the personal life and visual histories behind the designers to discover the minutiae of everyday worlds in continuous change, while accompanied by a customized selection of vintage tunes and ambient sounds assembled by Leo de B. & Thomas S. A sonic voyage through different decades, the compilation blends Chinese pop songs from 1930s and 1980s, with original western tunes ranging from vintage movie soundtracks to avant-garde pieces of yesterday and today.

The selected pieces include furniture, lights and products by Danful YANG, 多相工作室 DUOXIANG Studio, 姜晶 JIANG Jing, 李永玲 LI Yongling, NAIHANLI & CO, 林菁 LIN Jing, LING & COMMA, OHO-OHO, 湃设计 PEP Design, 萨日娜 SARINA, 石川设计 TOM SHI Design, 肖天宇 XIAO Tianyu and a special series of costumes by young fashion designer 张丹丹 ZHANG Dandan