Art from China, Japan and Korea

8 November 2006 – 11 February 2007
Catalogue of exhibition at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo | Turin, IT

curator ::  Francesco BONAMI

Alllooksame? / Tutttuguale? is an exhibition aimed at emphasizing the complexity of the art scene in China, Japan and Korea from a Western point of view. Such an approach shows how difficult it can be for a non-Asian curator to set aside his prejudices and find a thread across the different identities of the three countries, which are already intertwined on a historical and linguistic level, but completely different, or even opposed, in terms of culture and creativity. The title, Alllooksame? / Tutttuguale?, was borrowed from an Internet site that was created by a young Japanese — partly as a joke, partly to celebrate the stereotype of “diversity at any cost” while underlining the significant difference between prejudice and racism.

from the introduction written by Francesco BONAMI

participating artists ::  CAO Fei, CHEN Qiulin, CHEN Shaoxiong, CHEN Xiaoyun, HU Yang, JIANG Zhi, KAN Xuan, LI Shurui, LIANG Juhui, LIU Ding, LIU Wei, LU Chunsheng, Qingyun MA, SHI Yong, SONG Tao, WANG Xingwei, Xu Zhen, YANG Yong, YANG Zhenzhong; AYOAMA Satoru, BAIK Hyunjhin, CHOI Ho Chul, GIM Hongsok, Im Gook, KIM Beom, KIM Kira, KOO Donghee, LEE Hyungkoo, LEE Yong-Baek, PARK Junebum, SO Young Choi; AKIYAMA Sayaka, FUKAYA Etzuko, KAKITANI Tomoki, KANEUJI Teppei, Manabu IKEDA, MAKOTO Aida, MORI Chihiro and SHOJI Michiko