Across Chinse Cities is an international program promoted by Beijing Design Week (BJDW) during my mandate as its creative director, which was first launched at the 2014 International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. Developed as a series of exhibitions, public programs and events, it aims at generating unprecedented content and research around the state of producing, thinking and being in the urban condition of today China, providing access to the practical and theoretical knowledge generated at the crossroad of its unabated challenges and ambitions.

The three exhibition projects produced (Across Chinese Cities – Beijing; Across Chinese Cities – China House Vision; Across Chinese – The Community: the Objects, Spaces and Rituals of the Collective) featured as official collateral events of the Venice Architecture Biennale between at the 2014, 2016 adn 2018 editions, while relevant activities like talks, symposia, publications and spin-off exhibitions have taken place in the context of Beijing Design Week and other cultural institutions and platforms internationally.

Two books were produced as part of this series, Across Chinese Cities – Beijing: the Reader and Across Chinese Cities – Ideas in Action was produced for the World Design Capital Taipei 2016, and consists in an unprecedented publication on critical design practice in China.

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Editorial content and texts by Beatrice Leanza.

Chief Curator: Beatrice Leanza

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