Radical (In)difference

Radical (In)difference: Thoughts and gatherings around flexibility in public and artistic practice

2009 – 2010
Research and program proposal for Pro Helvetia Swiss-China two-year Cultural Program

Radical (In)difference is a progressive program of analysis, discourse, documentation production and curatorial activism in three tempi. The dossier describes a year-long tool-making process of giving physical shape and territory to dialogue. Through constant documentation and real-time mapping of these semantic exercises, richness is made relational, reflective, narrative and spatial.

The program is envisioned to generate confrontation as a modicum to constructive discussion, and while drawing a framework of reference for theoretical, artistic and curatorial praxis, it challenges the establishment of alternative forms of interaction, dialogue for a critical, creative community.
The three main discursive areas grouped under each section are conceived in a progressive build-up, which will explore issues relevant to COMMUNITY / NETWORKING, INDIVIDUALITY / SUBJECTIVITY and PUBLIC SPACE / COLLECTIVE IMAGINATION.  Each tempo is exposed into a specific format for public fruition and circulation (1:: a forum, 2:: a printed and online documentation series, 3:: an exhibition), all throughout implemented by small and medium scale multidisciplinary events ranging from workshops, artistic collaborations, open talks and exhibitions in collaboration with a variety of international professionals.