Object Cast


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author & editor ::  Beatrice LEANZA
contributions by ::  Gianni VATTIMO and AI Weiwei
graphic design ::  LI Naihan
language ::  English with Chinese translations
ISBN ::  988-99015-0-1
published and distributed by ::  Timezone 8

A project stemming from the homonymous exhibition featuring Italian artist Andrea GOTTI and Beijing based sound-artist duo FM3 (Christiaan VIRANT and ZHANG Jian), held at B.T.A.P. (Beijing Tokyo Art Project) gallery in Beijing from January 26 – March 26, 2006.

It is structured into three main sections. Each of the sections is entrenched into a different reading speed, highlighted by the different devices used to express it (image, sound, text), as well as by shape, material and reading orientation.
The reading activity is lead through by three diverse time performances (circular, point-like and linear) as embedded in the architecture of the book itself.

The featured material consists of: photos (archival material of past journeys taken by Andrea GOTTI around China and relevant to the installation theme, a time-line of the work in progress of the featured installation, together with “pictorial” still-lives and GOTTI’s preparatory works), written files (the essays by the author blending critique and intellectual fiction; academic contribution and philosophical artistry from East and West are confronted in the pieces by philosopher Gianni VATTIMO and artist AI Weiwei) and sound files (a CD card embedded inside the book, cast in a 3 mm thick transparent acrylic sheet containing sonic architecture by FM3).

This book is an immersive reading tool that engages the eye, the ear and the mind. It is a playful and synaesthetic experience that breaks away from the common use of books as binding linear reading. It invites the reader to an interactive reinvention and deconstruction of its different parts.

Object Cast

An Immersive Installation of Objects and Sound

22 January – 26 March 2006
BTAP – Beijing Tokyo Art Projects | 798 District, Beijing

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installation :: Andrea GOTTI
soundscape :: FM3
supported by :: Italian Cultural Institute in Beijing

This immersive installation chooses the billiard table as a metaphorical space, a mystical ‘immobile machine’ where the object is place and abode of time, a platform of translated perception and process of identification, around which Andrea GOTTI orchestrates an unpredictable theatre of objet trouvé (electric transformers, cables, industrial waste, etc). Time and place are called into a game where they can reconfigure mutual positioning into hybrid chrono-topological formulas, and where arcane mysticisms are revealed through the sound architecture by FM3.

Object Cast was part of the programme for the Italian Cultural Year in China – 2006.