The Opportunist: 100 Hours!

The Opportunist: 100 Hours! Poetics of Delay, Neglect and Exclusion

September 2008
Borderline Moving Images – Shanghai edition (unrealized project)
Special Edition within the framework of INTRUDE – Art & Life (Zendai Museum)
Shanghai & Beijing, CN

concept and curation ::  Beatrice LEANZA
visual design ::  LI Naihan

The special Shanghai edition of Borderline (see Borderline – Moving Images and The Opportunist [curatorial]) is designed as an information network revolving around a broadcasting unit, it is an experiential tool for motivating an alternative experience of space by way of time. With a total of 100 hours programmation (i.e., 4 days + 4 hours), The Opportunist will take up different forms of public interventions in both physical sites, “on air” sessions and the web. The proposal includes a dedicated webpage running literally as a time-machine where videos, articles and podcasts are uploaded at each corresponding hour per featured project.

The broadcasting unit is conceived as a self-sufficient structure for use in public spaces; fully equipped with radio and DJ deck, external LED lights and projection surfaces, this central hub would play host to a series of talks, live performances, screenings and music programs, thus becoming a connective node for physical and virtual communication with the city and online communities.